Are you struggling to complete your creative project? Maybe you have wanted to create an online program, or a challenge, or write a book..

BUT every time you decide to start, magically all those other things that are super important appear and your creative time gets pushed back again and again…

Or you might have so many great ideas that it feels overwhelming and more ideas just keep coming before you finish one…

Or your mind might feel blocked as you want to do things perfect so then you don’t get started…

Does this sound familiar?

They surely sound familiar to me.

These were some of the things that I have experienced in my creative bubble where I have been during the past weeks as I have worked on my Captivating Content Method pilot program.

Oh boy, my perfectionism has had a hay day.

But luckily I have some wonderful Spiritual Teachers who have guided me and want to share tips that have worked for me and maybe they work for you too.

1. Bring the Light into what you do

Call yourself forward into the Light. Say a little prayer. Meditate. Whatever works for you to feel connected again. You can also set an intention to co-create with Light.

2. Focus on your WHY

Why do you want to do what you want to do. When you can see the bigger picture, it’s easier to overcome yourself. Let your WHY pull you forward into action.

3. Choose a ridiculously tiny action step

Choose a microscopic action step to get started and do it. For example, if you are writing a book, this could be writing one word. (One of my clients broke through a creative block with this method and wrote a novel!!!)

4. Celebrate

When you take that microscopic action, celebrate like you would have completed your BIG goal. This has been a big learning for me and has made my journey so much more joyful. Plus there is a whole science behind why this works. It’s because a celebration will give you a dopamine boost that makes you feel good. When you start feeling good, it’s easier to take the next step. Test it out! (Yes, it might feel silly but do it anyway!)

5. Have a timeline

A clear timeline can help to get things completed. When I know that I need to have a module ready for my program participants on Monday, somehow I magically make it happen. If I don’t have a timeline, I can take a looooong time to do things as the perfectionist in me can always tweak something. Also, an accountability buddy, that has been super helpful too. We are not alone on this journey.

I have used these to stay uplifted and joyful in my creation journey. When you are energetically in a good place, it’s easier to attract clients too. The spots in my Captivating Content Method pilot program were sold out! So test this out! 

Let me know which one was your favorite tip?