your story Really Matters

My coaching packages and programs are designed to help purpose-driven coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs share their stories with the world. I’m inviting you to embrace your unique, transformational life experiences so you can create the impact and income you desire.

Story Healing 

Type: 3-months package
Who it’s for: 

Coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who have a BIG story but it feels way too vulnerable to share. Or you’re having fears around speaking in public.

What you’ll discover: 

When you say YES to the healing work, you’ll get my support during 3-months to overcome any fears, doubts, or limiting beliefs that could be keeping you from sharing your story, taking action in your business, and creating the impact and income you desire.

Story Coaching

Type: 6-months coaching package

Who it’s for:

Coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who want to discover the power of your personal story that helps you attract more clients fast, with my professional support.

What you’ll discover:

When you enroll in this package, you’ll get my support during 6-months, as we work together to unleash your story and use it to grow your business! You will…

– Get personalized one-on-one help, feedback and accountability
– Have support to clear energy blocks and visibility fears that are keeping you stuck
– Get clarity about your next steps and fast track your personal and professional growth

Your Signature Story VIP

Type: VIP Day

Who it’s for:

Established coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who need their signature story quickly, and want my professional support with this exclusive package.

What you’ll discover:

When you have your VIP day, you’ll get concentrated one-on-one time that allows us to dive deep into the components of your story. We will walk together through my step-by-step system to turn your personal experience into a client-attracting story. Once you get your signature story down, you are going to be ready to use it strategically in sales conversations, speaking engagements, promotional emails, webinars, videos, podcast interviews etc.

Soul Success Academy

Type: 6-months mastermind

Who it’s for:

Spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to accelerate their growth, serve more paying clients, learn the art of sharing their stories and create more positive impact.

What you’ll discover:

When you enroll in the academy, you’ll spend 6 months building a momentum through sharing your story and growing your business! You will receive both private and group coaching in a supportive and inspiring environment.

– Benefit from personalized support and group discussions
– Have access to Katja’s success library with relevant meditations, reading, and other resources  
– Participate in the supportive community of like-minded souls as you fast track your success together

Client Attraction Story System

Type: Online Program

Who it’s for
Purpose-driven coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who want to connect with their ideal clients, learn it on your own pace with this online program. 

What you’ll discover:

Client Attraction Story System is a step-by-step approach that turns your personal experiences into irresistible client-attracting narratives. You’ll learn:

– How to craft your unique story and  finally see it for the business asset it really is

– Own your unique experience and discover how it attracts awesome clients using my simple story-to-client framework

– Confidently share your story with the people who most need to hear it by sharing it on webinars, emails, podcasts, social media, and all other channels.

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